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Music Sleep Timer

Music Sleep Timer v1.1

přidáno: 4. 8. 2013 1:52, autor: Adam Chýlek   [ aktualizováno 4. 8. 2013 1:55 ]

Yay, new version! Now compatible with Vanilla Music 
New action added for Android versions before 4.2 - entering the flight mode after time runs out. Sorry 4.2+ users, Google doesn't allow applications to enable flight mode for you anymore.
I've modified notifications a bit.
And I've learned a few more thing about Android and its compatibility across API versions. Not so bad.
Sleep tight.

Music Sleep Timer bug

přidáno: 10. 11. 2012 14:39, autor: Adam Chýlek

There is a bug, but I can't find it. With 10 reports so far no one attached a description (or user report, if you wish). The bug is a "Force close". That means the app stops working and only show an option to send bug report with optional user description.

Please be so kind and write few words about what were your settings and when the error happened.

Thank you!

Music Sleep Timer v1.0.1

přidáno: 6. 10. 2012 11:12, autor: Adam Chýlek   [ aktualizováno 7. 10. 2012 1:38 ]

Fixed first bug: timer was always shown as OFF after relaunching the app, even though the timer itself was running.

Music Sleep Timer v1.0 on Google Play

přidáno: 18. 9. 2012 4:08, autor: Adam Chýlek   [ aktualizováno 18. 9. 2012 6:40 ]

Initial release.

Do you often fall asleep while listening to music and when you wake up you find your battery is dead because the music kept playing all night? 
Well, it doesn't have to be like that all the time.

Set the timer on this app and it will turn off the music after the time runs out. And not only that. 

You can mute the media altogether and/or turn off the bluetooth as well  wifi. You can even turn your device off (only if your device is rooted).

Some apps unfortunately doesn't support the 'stop playing' functionality. If you like to listen to the music via Youtube app or via browser, you can at least mute the sound so it won't disturb you later on.

If you experience any problem, please send me an email and I will do my best to fix it.

Tested and working:
* built-in Android Music player
* Google Play Music
* Winamp
* Power Amp
* MortPlayer

NOTE: To turn off screen after the time runs out the app needs to be a so called 'Device Administrator'. If you want to uninstall this app and you allowed it to be a device administrator, please make sure you to remove it from Settings/Security first.

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